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Exploring the stories and research of professionals in teacher preparation

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You can find The Teacher Education Podcast anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 

About The Podcast

There aren’t many podcasts for a teacher preparation audience—that’s why we created The Teacher Education Podcast. It’s a space to share important stories and research across the country. We discuss topics like preparing candidates for certification, strategies fo improving teacher retention, tips for supervisors, and the latest research on teaching methodologies. 

Each episode includes a pithy, in-depth interview with a teacher preparation professional. We know you’re busy, so we try to keep our podcasts under 20 minutes. It’s the perfect length for your work commute or work-out session.

The Teacher Education Podcast is presented by GoReact.

Episode 4

Talking CAEP with Dr. Christopher Koch, President of CAEP

Today we talk all things accreditation with CAEP’s president Dr. Christopher Koch. He shares some useful CAEP tips and his perspective on accreditation in the United States.

0:42 Introducing Dr. Christopher Koch and CAEP

02:55 The Makeup of CAEP

04:21 Challenges and Looking Forward

07:00 CAEP vs. Other Accrediting Bodies

08:46 Resources and Advice

17:30 The Magic Wand Question

18:43  Lightning Round

CAEP Website:

Link to full transcript:

Episode 3

100 Years of ATE with ATE President Dr. Christie McIntyre

The Association of Teacher Educators is turning 100! We sat down with ATE president, Dr. Christie McIntyre, to discuss ATE’s legacy, current policy initiatives, and the exciting future of micro-credentialing.

0:36 Introducing Dr. McIntrye and ATE


2:56 Today’s Modern ATE


5:43 Teacher Performance Assessments


8:37 Micro-Credentialing in Teacher Preparation


13:25  The Magic Wand Question


16:42 A Playbook for State Leaders


18:26 Lightning Round


19:57  ATE Annual 2020 Meeting

ATE Website:


Link to full transcript:

Episode 2

You Can’t Handle the Feedback!

Can preservice teachers handle hard feedback? Dr. Amy Broemmel and Dr. Jennifer Jordan say they can. These two professors from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville explain the roles of hard feedback and autonomy to foster professional development in teacher candidates.

1:37 The Role of Supervisors and Feedback

7:07 Diversity at The University of Tennessee

9:58 The Enrollment Problem 

13:54 Teacher Preparation Ten Years in the Future

14:53 The Magic Wand Question

18:13 Lightning Round

Episode 1

Interns and Mentors: A Perfect Match

A little matchmaking may save you time in the long run. Dr. Michelle Adler, the Elementary Education Program Chair at Wichita State University, shares her strategies to strengthen candidate relationships with faculty and mentors.  

2:02 Welcome to Wichita State University 

3:14 Matching Interns and Mentors

7:42 The Enrollment Shortage

10:28 Building Relationships With Candidates

12:30 Teaching Strategies

13:48 The Role of Technology in Teacher Prep

15:52 The Magic Wand Question

17:50 Lightning Round